About Radionics

What is radionics?

Although we cannot detect the energy which heals a cut finger or observe radio waves or see the current inside an electrical circuit, these everyday occurrences affect our lives and well-being. The one thing which they have in common is that they are all forms of energy.

The Universe is organised and maintained by an electro-dynamic field and the electro-dynamic fields of all living things, which may be measured and mapped with standard voltmeters, mould and control each organism's development, health and mood.

Every living creature in the Universe is a mass of vibrating energy within these fields and the blueprint for perfect harmony and well-being is achieved when all cells are oscillating at the optimum rate of vibration.

Radionic treatment was founded on the belief that each individual has a unique energy pattern. If this is in a state of balance and harmony, the individual will experience good health. However, distortions in the energy pattern caused by things such as bacteria, viruses, injuries, shocks and psychological upsets often lead to the development of physical illnesses or psychological disorders.

Radionics is classed as an energy medicine as it deals with the energy fields of the body and is designed to encourage the body to repair itself.

How does radionics work?

One of the great advantages of Radionic therapy is that the practitioner does not require the presence of the patient, either for analysis or treatment.

With the aid of a pendulum, a variety of radionic instruments and a small amount of the patient’s hair (which acts as an energetic link between the patient and the practitioner and works on the holographic principle that the organic material of the hair reflects the entire organism from which it comes), the practitioner carries out a thorough analysis of the patient’s energy pattern, looking at all the systems and structures of the body to see how well they are functioning, with the aim of establishing the underlying cause or causes of the patient’s condition.

An individual programme of treatments is then designed to eliminate any distortion found in the energy patterns and these treatments – or healing energy patterns - can then be projected directly to the patient, acting as a set of coded instructions which kick-start the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Although it is difficult to comprehend, the distance between the practitioner and the patient is irrelevant. However, think of the radionic instrument as a transmitter and the patient as a TV set. If the signal is correct, you will get a good picture no matter how far apart the two are.